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The Joy of Cats

As I sit here typing, one of the cats is on the desk napping with his eyes open so he can watch over me, and the other one is lying a few feet away sprawled out as if she were a frog on a dissection table.  (Hey, it’s not a gruesome image if there’s no actual dissecting)

Anyway, this is an average night.  The cats tend to rotate who gets the desk and who finds another spot.  Occasionally I’ll reach out and pet one, and they’ll start to purr immediately.  Or, if it’s Obiwan, the boy, he will decide he has to lay between me and my keyboard so I can rub his belly.  (That only works if I’m not writing at the time, though.)

It doesn’t get much better that.

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  1. I love cats, they rule my house.

    • They have a tendency to do that, don’t they? Mine TRY to rule the house, and they have me trained very well. But sometimes mama has to draw the line. Luckily for me, they don’t then try to cross the line after that…too often.

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