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Just Like Blowing a Diet…

Between the crazy weather, the day job, and everything else, this week has gotten away from me. I just realized tonight that I blew my record, missing not just one day, but two. Like blowing a diet, instead of giving up, I’m going to start over today.  So here’s your blog for the day. It’s not much, but I promise I’ll have something better tomorrow. In fact, tune in to […]

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Trusting In Me

Every day, I read a sampling of my growing blog favorites to see what other writers are up to, and seek a little inspiration along the way. One of them is {Courage 2 Create}, written by Ollin Morales.  Started a little over a year ago, his blog has quickly grown into one of the top blogs on the internet these days.  His post today is one of the reasons why. […]

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