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Finding Motivation

Tonight I’m thinking about motivation–partly because I’m lacking any.  It has been a long day.  Work takes so much mental energy, I sometimes feel like I’ve been sucked dry.  Truthfully, I would like nothing more than to sit here and watch TV or movies or read a book But I have my own book to write.  And while all of the above is true, tonight they’re all excuses that I […]

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Love Letter to The Husband

The husband and I met in an online chat room long before online dating sites became commonplace. Neither of us were looking for a relationship–probably the opposite.  And yet, when we met, everything just clicked.  We started our life together almost immediately, and got married a year later.  From that point on, all we could do was keep our eyes open and our hands clasped together, holding on to each […]

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Stepping into the Fictional Life of Your Characters

I’m taking a break from retelling my Libya adventures for tonight. I’ll get back to it, but this weekend my thoughts have been about characters, and how the stories we write need to catch them in the act of living their lives.  In a previous post, I wrote about listening to the point of view character’s voice, and using that to color your prose.  A teenage girl will observe and […]

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Once Upon a Time in Libya – Part 4

This installment will be about two distinct events: The Belt Incident, and How I Ended Up with a German Sister. The Belt Incident One of the hazards of being the oldest child, is getting blamed for things you had nothing to do with.  When you are said child, you can’t believe your parents are actually believing the lies spewing from the snot-nosed brat who is telling them–and yet, they invariably […]

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Once Upon A Time In Libya – Part 3

Several people have asked me to continue the story, so here you go… First, though, I learned tonight that someone is reading my blog who I didn’t expect.  Today was their birthday and although I sent a token I hope arrived, I didn’t get a chance to talk to them myself.  So: … Happy birthday, Sandy! Now, on to Part 3 of the Libya saga.  (For anyone who hasn’t read […]

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