Hosted by: Cynthia Swanson & Andrew Swanson

How Do You Keep Your Creativity Simmering?

For most of us, writing is a passion relegated to our spare time due to our need for money to keep a roof over our head. And let’s face it: between home and the day (or night) job, all that energy can often get sucked right out of you. If it happens often enough, we can despair from ever achieving our dream. I’m not a writer. I can’t come up […]

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Why Moment-by-Moment?

After many years of trying to bring structure and process to writing, of telling stories that were close, but never felt quite “right”, the ideas of a new writer, my husband, recently made everything finally click into place.  I don’t know why I didn’t see it. In my heart, I think I’ve always known it, but I’ve never given this idea the credit it deserves.  Until a conversation with The […]

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Construction’s Over…Let’s Begin

Welcome to the launch of Moment by Moment–a blog for readers, writers, family, friends, and friends-to-be. Your hosts for this journey are myself, and the new writer in the family, The Husband–also known as Beigesofa.  He’s long been my mystery man, my man from the wilds of Alaska (or so he claims), so I think I’ll keep his identity to myself until he’s ready to share it with all of […]

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Construction Ahead

Hey, I’m in the process of revamping the blog in preparation for some new content that’s in development.  As a first step, you can also now find me at, where I will soon be joined by the other writer in the family. Please excuse the clutter as we bring you an entirely new blog.

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