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I Never Thought I Would Say This…

I’m not a political person. I’m not a news junkie; I don’t troll the internet trying to stay on top of things.  I do listen to OPB and NPR, and read the occasional CNN web page.  That said, something has been bugging me and I want to get it out there at least once. I’m really tired of people bashing President Obama because he hasn’t fixed everything that is wrong […]

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Chameleon Challenge

Chameleon is undergoing a metamorphosis. I got about two-thirds in and was still grappling with the questions, “What is driving Sam?  What does she need?  Why does she get involved here?  What does she have to lose if the other guys win?  How is her strength a flaw?” I need to answer these before I go on, but they have been surprisingly tough questions for me.  I do a lot […]

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Left Brain, Right Brain, Lizard Brain

Colorful lizard sunning self on a rock

I’ve read the left brain is the intellect. The editor.  The scientist or data geek.  The right brain is the creative side.  Emotion.  Imagination.  Belief in limitless possibilities.  And the lizard brain? Well, the lizard brain just wants food and a warm comfy place to catch some rays and work on its tan. A lot of great writers are very right-brained.  This makes sense.  It’s the sweet spot for creativity, […]

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Slow Burn

I had a writing friend years ago who was absolutely prolific with her writing. She seemed to produce pages every week without effort, and never seemed to run out of story ideas.  When she got her first book contract, she had ten completed novels hanging in the wings. My husband is that way with story ideas.  Mention an idea to him, he’ll get a flash of inspiration and riff off […]

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Everyone has dreams… Some happen while you sleep.  But the big dreams…they usually happen while you’re wide awake.  They’re the wishes, hopes, desires that drive us toward something new. I’m a big proponent of dreams.  I dream every night.  Big, cinematic dreams with wild action and deep meanings that I often fail to grasp.  In my dreams, I’ve managed to learn how to fly, how to shoot a gun and […]

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