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Everyone has dreams… Some happen while you sleep.  But the big dreams…they usually happen while you’re wide awake.  They’re the wishes, hopes, desires that drive us toward something new.

I’m a big proponent of dreams.  I dream every night.  Big, cinematic dreams with wild action and deep meanings that I often fail to grasp.  In my dreams, I’ve managed to learn how to fly, how to shoot a gun and hit what I aim at, how to think and act between one breath and the next in order to escape my pursuers, and how to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles and figure out a way around them.  Yes, I really did write pursuers.  It isn’t a safe world in my dreams.  I don’t talk about them much.  I’m told my dreams inspire nightmares.  I don’t dare tell anyone about my nightmares.  But that’s a story for another time.

Today I’m thinking about real-world dreams.  I have a big one.  My dream is to write a book that will keep people on the edge of their seat, and wishing for more at the end.  The feedback I’ve received from the writing I’ve shared so far tells me I’m on the right track to achieve this dream, but I’ve got an even bigger one–to be a bestselling author.  To achieve it I’m going to have to step through my own insecurities and show the same fearlessness I have in my dream world as I face the insurmountable task of crafting a novel worthy of being a bestselling one.

This is my journey.  Step through with me and join me on the ride.

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  1. I’m all in. Let’s go!

    That’s a dream we share — the difference is that you’re actively doing something about it (a major step in the right direction), and I’m still just in the day-dreaming stage (which sorta slows down the whole process).

    I’m very confident that you’ll get there.

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