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Birthday Letters

Happy Belated Birthday, Big Brother

Yesterday was my oldest brother’s birthday.  I tried all day to get this post up, but I had outpatient surgery on Monday, and apparently Percocet does not inspire creativity, or even the ability to sling words together.  For me, mostly it involves falling asleep.  After trying all day, I only got as far as “Happy Birthday, Big Brother”.  Today, I’m writing this before the Percocet kicks in. B was born […]

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Happy Birthday, JL

Today is the birthday of my first sister-in-law, JL.  She’s the wife of a career soldier, my oldest brother, and one of the strongest women I know.  As a soldier’s wife, she knows the worry of waiting while her husband goes on deployment, of carrying on like normal for their three boys, and facing every challenge. One year, that meant sitting in a closet with her children, listening to the […]

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Happy Birthday, My German Sister

Today is my German sister’s birthday.  If any of you followed my Libya tales, she was the “surprise” baby my mother had in Germany when we were stationed in Libya.  I am the oldest of five; she was the fourth one born, which makes her nine years younger than me. She was a cute baby, and as she grew up she had the blondest hair, followed really closely by my […]

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Happy Birthday, Niece

Today is my oldest niece’s birthday. She’s in college now, but I still remember when she was a baby, a toddler, an opinionated three and four-year-old.  There have been ups and downs in her life (as we all experience), but I have to say she has grown into a strong, pretty young woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Happy birthday, A.  Have a wild and wonderful […]

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Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday.  Happy birthday, sis! I am the oldest of five siblings.  I was nearly twelve when my youngest sister was born.  She was the last of us, and by then having a baby in the house, changing diapers, and feeding babies were old hat to me. I remember carrying her around a lot, especially during the first six weeks of her life, when my mother […]

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