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Happy Birthday, My German Sister

Today is my German sister’s birthday.  If any of you followed my Libya tales, she was the “surprise” baby my mother had in Germany when we were stationed in Libya.  I am the oldest of five; she was the fourth one born, which makes her nine years younger than me.

She was a cute baby, and as she grew up she had the blondest hair, followed really closely by my second brother (the one who came home in a Christmas stocking).  In a family where everyone else had dark brown hair, they were standouts.  She was also athletic (which I never was).  Because of our age difference, I was off and married and living in another state for all the years, but I do recall this: my three youngest siblings nearly stole the show at my first wedding, where they were all part of the wedding party.  My youngest sister broke her arm right before the wedding.  My Christmas brother fainted during the ceremony.  And my German sister, she broke a leg, and so had to come down the aisle in crutches, the circlet on her head askew as she gamely struggled to make it the length of the church.

Ah, the memories.

I saw my sister a couple times a year, and it was always a joy to see her and catch up with what was going on in her life.  She struck me as rather fearless, making choices that I would not have dared.  She was a model for a while.  Worked in the beauty industry.  Then happenstance took her into working with numbers, which helped her make a career.

Today, she’s beautiful and accomplished, married to a great and fun-loving guy, and one of the best people around.  I feel proud to know her, and lucky to be able to call her my sister, and my friend.

So here’s to you, dear sister, on the occasion of your More-Than-Twentieth birthday.  I’m thinking of you and sending my love.  My all your dreams become reality–because really, I know you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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