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Reflection Time: On Getting Older

Today I reflected on being older–because you do that on your birthday, once you get of a certain age where 30 doesn’t seem decrepit anymore.  Here’s what I asked myself: What does it mean to be a year older?  Does it feel different?  Was there an amazing vista of knowledge that would suddenly expand inside my brain, bringing me an excess of wisdom? Would I miraculously hit a physical reset […]

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The Joy of Cats

As I sit here typing, one of the cats is on the desk napping with his eyes open so he can watch over me, and the other one is lying a few feet away sprawled out as if she were a frog on a dissection table.  (Hey, it’s not a gruesome image if there’s no actual dissecting) Anyway, this is an average night.  The cats tend to rotate who gets […]

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Novel Beginnings…Arghh!

I need to know where my story starts before I can continue. I’m a linear writer, writing in part as an act of discovery, even though these days I have a mental map of where I’m going.  Like taking a relaxing road trip, it’s the scenery along the way that captures the fascination, sometimes even more than reaching a destination. Isn’t it the same when when you read (or write) […]

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Writing Update: Chameleon

Happy days! I finished another chapter so far this week.  That brings the word count up to over 111,000. I printed it out a week or so ago.  Killed a ream of paper doing it, but it’s a great feeling to see a tangible result of your efforts.  That’s something that our predecessors or those who still use notepads and typewriters had/have over us.  As they worked/work, they could/can see […]

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