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Writing Update: Chameleon

Happy days!

I finished another chapter so far this week.  That brings the word count up to over 111,000.

I printed it out a week or so ago.  Killed a ream of paper doing it, but it’s a great feeling to see a tangible result of your efforts.  That’s something that our predecessors or those who still use notepads and typewriters had/have over us.  As they worked/work, they could/can see the pages pile up.

Working in a word processor doesn’t give you that same sense of satisfaction.  Sure, you can look at the files that pile up in your chapters folder.  But how often do you look at that?  It’s certainly not as impactful as seeing your writing in black and white (with all those little red squiggles that tell you what you still have to fix).

Happy writing, everyone.  I’m off to start the next chapter.

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  1. I use a special binding system of notebooks made by Rollabind. Extremely lightweight (although the paper is not). I’m using the largest rings possible, and am hoping I don’t have to eventually split into a second notebook.

  2. It is very satisfying to see it all printed out. I’ve been finding oodles of mistakes in paper. I think it helps you see the text differently after staring at it on the screen for so long. 110k must be pretty heavy 🙂 I barely fit mine in a binder hehe.

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