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Happy Birthday, My German Sister

Today is my German sister’s birthday.  If any of you followed my Libya tales, she was the “surprise” baby my mother had in Germany when we were stationed in Libya.  I am the oldest of five; she was the fourth one born, which makes her nine years younger than me. She was a cute baby, and as she grew up she had the blondest hair, followed really closely by my […]

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I’m Not a Romantic

I like the idea of romance, but I don’t have a clue how to “be” romantic–which makes it incredibly difficult for the husband, who is a romantic to his core. We were discussing it this past weekend, how clear it is that I am not the romantic in the relationship, and that while his favorites are romantic comedies, I always lean toward action thrillers or sci fi.  He liked to […]

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Changing It Up

I used to be one of those people who moved all the furniture around every three to six months, until I found the ideal setup that felt “right”.  Later in life, that same theory came into play with purses.  I purchased a new one every season, because I never could find one that did everything I wanted.  Oh, and then there’s my notebook fetish…I’m always in search of the perfect […]

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Productivity…or Procrastination?

Today I did three loads of laundry.  I made a trip to the almost mall to get clothes for me and the husband.  And then I cleaned and rearranged my office.  The excuse for the latter was so that I would have room to bring in an extra chair, because I’m supposed to keep my left leg elevated.  I’ve been wanting to rearrange the furniture for awhile, but hadn’t got […]

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