Hosted by: Cynthia Swanson & Andrew Swanson

Cynthia’s Story

I grew up creating stories to entertain my family and friends, but as I moved toward adulthood, I wanted more than the momentary pleasure of creating an improvisation that worked.  I wanted to achieve something lasting.  So started the journey.

Along the way, I have been a singing busgirl, fry cook, warehouse shipper, lamaze instructor, stay-at-home mom, girl Friday, computer consultant, document specialist, and business realization manager.  I’ve done some traveling and had some interesting adventures in surprising places.  I’ve been married more than once.  I gave birth and saw into adulthood two boys.  And I met my best friend and current husband on the internet before it was a commonplace thing to do.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon, with two cats and said best friend/husband, who taught me it was possible to smile and laugh every day, and go to bed with a smile every night.  Yes, he’s that wonderful.  And mine.  No touching.

My two Ragdoll cats, Obiwan and Luna, love to sit on my desk and help me write by walking across the keyboard or pressing random keys.  Okay, sit is stretching it.  More like two almost three-foot long lumps sprawled across my small desk in a silent war for desktop space.

Any spelling errors are all their fault.

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