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Reflection Time: On Getting Older

Today I reflected on being older–because you do that on your birthday, once you get of a certain age where 30 doesn’t seem decrepit anymore.  Here’s what I asked myself: What does it mean to be a year older?  Does it feel different?  Was there an amazing vista of knowledge that would suddenly expand inside my brain, bringing me an excess of wisdom? Would I miraculously hit a physical reset button to begin the year all fresh and shiny and new?

Well, I don’t feel any different.  And I for a while now I’ve felt that if I put anything else in my head, something else would have to leak out.  I swear I jam so much information in there, a hundred clowns in a Volkswagen would seem spacious compared to what’s filling my brain.

And, unfortunately, there was no magical physical reset that happened while I slept.

Still, upon reflection, this is the spiritual beginning.  As I celebrated the beginning of another year, I could only be excited, as every year seems to be better than the last.  Sure, there are trials and setbacks and emotional highs and lows–but since I live in the real world, I kind of expect that.

What do I have to look forward to this year?

  • I will finish my novel and start writing another one
  • I will celebrate 14 years of marriage with my best friend
  • I am actively taking steps to create Cynthia 2.0, a healthier and more physically fit self

So here’s to the next year.  Better hang on…it’s going to be a wild ride!

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