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You Won’t Believe This…

Where are all the mothers of the politicians we have elected?  We need them to knock some sense into their boys and girls. I know.  You’re going “Huh?”  But on May 5th, there was an article about a Minnesota legislator who publicly called Neil Gaiman a “pencil-necked little weasel”.  Neil Gaiman’s response on his blog was great, but the topper of the story was that the legislator’s mother, who was […]

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Happy Memorial Day

As I think about Memorial Day this year, I am reminded that I have a son who was in the Air Force, deployed twice, and came out the other side of his time whole and well-situated to begin his career in the civilian workforce.  I also have a brother who is career Air Force, and incredibly successful (as we all knew he would be!), and two nephews just entering their […]

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59 Days to Done – Productive Writing Day

Today I finished mapping the entire main story line (plot) and two subplots from beginning to end.  A couple more subplots to map this weekend, then I can review them against each of the pivotal character’s emotional arc and see where changes need to be made, scenes deleted, etc. For those who read the original draft of the first half, one of the characters is officially gone from the story: […]

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