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Happy Memorial Day

As I think about Memorial Day this year, I am reminded that I have a son who was in the Air Force, deployed twice, and came out the other side of his time whole and well-situated to begin his career in the civilian workforce.  I also have a brother who is career Air Force, and incredibly successful (as we all knew he would be!), and two nephews just entering their first military terms in the Air Force and Navy.  Plus, my dad was in the Air Force for many years.

All of the men in my family share the same characteristics — strong character, honor, pride in doing a job well.  For those in the military life, deployments are part of “getting the job done”.  My dad did stints away from us. My brother has done his share.  And one of my nephews just got back from nine months at sea.

Memorial Day Flags

Image by eddiecoyote via Flickr

So on this day, I salute them and the many other soldiers and their families, who put in their best effort every day in service of this country.

Thank you for what you do.

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