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62 Days to Done – Story Review Made Easier

Today I am making my first pass through my story cards.  The goal is to review the main and each sub storyline, match them against the character arcs I just finished, and use that information to help me decide which scenes are fine as is, which ones I need to beef up or trim down, and which I need to delete in service of the story.

Before I got my writing app, Scrivener, it would have meant writing things down on index cards, then sitting at the dining room table and shuffling them around as I referred to the pages of my novel.  I would have had to make notes on them on what needed to change, and when I was happy with the order, I would have had to number them so I knew what I had to go change in each of the chapter files.  THEN, of course, it would have meant going into each file that had a change in it, finding the passage, and potentially copying between files as I move things around.  Tedious work.  Necessary.  But tedious all the same.

In walked geniuses who designed Scrivener.  A screenshot below shows you what the interface looks like.  On top of it being a great, intuitive environment for writing, it has a clipboard where you can review virtual index cards.  If I want to make a change, I can make a note on the card, or in the file behind the index card.  If I want to move things around, it’s as easy as drag and drop.  No harm.  No foul.  No hours upon hours of copy and pasting as I move scenes to different chapters, or in different orders.  I move it, and everything associated with it moves, too.

Screenshot of Scrivener story cards window

This is one of the many reasons I am in love with my writing app.

Happy writing.

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