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Leap of Faith

This week, I made the decision to pitch my thriller novel to agents at the upcoming Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  For any other writers out there who don’t know about this conference or the group who puts it on, Willamette Writers has been around since 1965, and this year’s conference is its 42nd.  That’s right.  42nd. The group puts on a great conference across a wide range of […]

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Happy Birthday, JL

Today is the birthday of my first sister-in-law, JL.  She’s the wife of a career soldier, my oldest brother, and one of the strongest women I know.  As a soldier’s wife, she knows the worry of waiting while her husband goes on deployment, of carrying on like normal for their three boys, and facing every challenge. One year, that meant sitting in a closet with her children, listening to the […]

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Great Writing Day

I could use more of these kind of days.  In fact, I would like 30-45 more of them, please, because I’m that close to completing the novel. Today I pulled together the various pieces I’ve been brainstorming about Mandala-Steele, the company our heroine freelanced for before they turned on her and chased her across several continents. For those who don’t write, it’s amazing the amount of detail you have to […]

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I Don’t Like “Why”

As a writer, I love the question, “What if…?”.  What-if is a question that gives the imagination free rein to create and expand, to ignore rules and logic in favor of a spark of brilliance.  I use what-if all the time. The question I hate is “Why?”. Why? you ask?  I’m 107,000 words into a thriller novel that is balancing the fence between character driven and plot driven.  And in […]

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