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Leap of Faith


Image by piyushthacker via Flickr

This week, I made the decision to pitch my thriller novel to agents at the upcoming Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  For any other writers out there who don’t know about this conference or the group who puts it on, Willamette Writers has been around since 1965, and this year’s conference is its 42nd.  That’s right.  42nd.

The group puts on a great conference across a wide range of writing interests, including  a specialized track for screenwriters.  If this intrigues you at all, here’s their link:

I will be attending the conference, and have confirmed appointments to pitch to my top three agent choices sometime over the three days.  I’ve paid my conference and pitch fees, so this is a done deal.

What this means is that I have a little over two months to finish the draft and revisions (which I’m not worried about, because I’m fast at revisions), plus develop an elevator pitch to a story I have struggled from Day One to categorize or explain.  Oh, and then there’s a synopsis, which shouldn’t be too bad because all the data for it is there in the novel I’ve written.

I believe I can do this.  It won’t be easy–not the least of which is that sometime during this same time period I will be having a surgical procedure–but I am committed to doing this.

Just in case, though, good vibes sent my way are definitely welcome.

Happy writing.

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  1. Sweet!!!! Nothing like plopping down the bucks to make something really sink in. You got this. Piece of cake.

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