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Happy Birthday, JL

Today is the birthday of my first sister-in-law, JL.  She’s the wife of a career soldier, my oldest brother, and one of the strongest women I know.  As a soldier’s wife, she knows the worry of waiting while her husband goes on deployment, of carrying on like normal for their three boys, and facing every challenge.

One year, that meant sitting in a closet with her children, listening to the radio as the announcer relayed the path of a devastating tornado that was heading right for them.  It meant being strong when I’m sure she didn’t feel it, and then picking up the pieces when the tornado missed them by yards.

She is one of many spouses of soldiers who keep the home fires ablaze every days while their husbands or wives are deployed in the service of our country.  Their struggle is no less important than that of their loved ones who fight.

So here’s to you, JL.  Happy birthday.

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