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Happy Birthday, Little Sister

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday.  Happy birthday, sis!

I am the oldest of five siblings.  I was nearly twelve when my youngest sister was born.  She was the last of us, and by then having a baby in the house, changing diapers, and feeding babies were old hat to me.

I remember carrying her around a lot, especially during the first six weeks of her life, when my mother was bedridden for a time.  I bathed, changed, dressed, and fed her, put her down for naps, and generally took care of her.

One of the amazing things about my sister was her curly hair.  Now, I have curly hair, but she had CURLS that put mine to shame then and now.  Somewhere I have a picture of her and I when she was five, when we sang a duet at a high school concert.  The song was, You and Me Against The World.  That’s what it felt like sometimes.

I got married and moved out when she was nine, and she grew up to be a beautiful young woman.  She spent a few years in a military, then came home and has lived in the same area as the family since then.  She has three beautiful daughters, who she currently raises alone.  Last spring, she was laid off from her job of many years and had to start over, which she did spectacularly.

While I love my sister, I am even more proud of the woman she is.

So here’s my tribute to her.

… Happy birthday, little sister.

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