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52 and Not Done Yet

This is my fifty-second blog post…ever.

Since I entered my foray into blogging, I have only missed two days–one on purpose, and one because I lost track of time and the clock ticked past midnight.  When I started, I wondered how long it would be before I ran out of ideas to write about.  I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted anyone to read what I might write, because one of the reasons I started was to challenge myself to do stream-of-consciousness writing as quickly as possible.

Yep, I write these things in one short sitting, and only allow myself one review and edit when I’m done.  This is to combat my hyper-vigilant left-brain editor, who craves perfection in all things–which completely stifles the creative right brain part of me.  When I’m having trouble writing, it is usually because my left-brain is engaged in analyzing the text before I can even get it out of my fingertips.  And it is strongest when I spend my days doing high-pressure tactical work at the day job.

So here I am, 52 blogs later, trying to help myself get out of my own way and get my novel done.  My readership is growing, which is a great motivator–especially since I never expected to have a readership that extended beyond a few friends I told about the blog.

And guess what?  I haven’t run out of ideas.  So I guess I’m not done with this blogging thing yet.  🙂

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