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Writing Tonight…

So here’s the story: I had a brainstorm about the book while I was getting ready for the day job.  I managed to keep it in my head all day, but now I need to get it down on “paper”.  So tonight I’m writing.  This is all you’re going to get for a post.

Except, here’s a taste of tonight’s writing:

As she moved forward, Sam looked down to judge the distance.  Something was painted on the floor is the approximate spot Caitlyn had been standing.  As she drew closer, she saw it was an upside down treble clef with a spiral flowing through the center, painted in black on the glossy concrete floor.  She hadn’t noticed anything else painted on the floor, but truthfully she had not been looking.  She took the last step.

Heat and pain lasered through the bones in her leg and up her spine, drilled into the base of her skull, and engulfed her brain, exploding behind her eyes is a volcanic shower.  Cupping her head, she doubled over, only to be hit by a wave of nausea and dizziness that had her staggering back.  She ran into someone, or a couple of someones, but when she ignored the pain and straightened up to apologize, all she could see and hear were the spots in front of her eyes and the drowning bass thump of her heartbeat in her ears.  What the hell?

She racked her brain for what had brought this on but her thoughts were elusive, bobbing away in a puff of smoke every time she reached for one.   Something was wrong with her.  What the hell had she been doing?  Had someone shot her up with something?  No, she didn’t think so.  Wait.  She was sure that wasn’t it.  It couldn’t be a dermal patch, because her skin was covered by thick folds of latex.  So that left…what?

As for the picture, I just thought it would brighten up the place.

Happy writing.

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