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Promoting the Real Me

I was intrigued by a paraphrased statement in writer John Scalzi’s post today called “Being Fictional”: I am not responsible for actions of the imaginary version of me you have inside your head. The post was in reference to micro celebrities like authors, etc. and the fictionalized personality that people build in their head based solely on the fiction that they read. There’s definitely something to be said about that, […]

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Writing Tonight…

So here’s the story: I had a brainstorm about the book while I was getting ready for the day job.  I managed to keep it in my head all day, but now I need to get it down on “paper”.  So tonight I’m writing.  This is all you’re going to get for a post. Except, here’s a taste of tonight’s writing: As she moved forward, Sam looked down to judge […]

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52 and Not Done Yet

This is my fifty-second blog post…ever. Since I entered my foray into blogging, I have only missed two days–one on purpose, and one because I lost track of time and the clock ticked past midnight.  When I started, I wondered how long it would be before I ran out of ideas to write about.  I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted anyone to read what I might write, because one […]

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