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Daring to be…Good Enough

I intend and very much hope to be a great writer–someone who writes compelling fiction with interesting characters and situations.  But this post is about daring to be good enough for a first draft. Here’s why… Years ago, I read an inspiring book called, Dare To Be A Great Writer, by Leonard Bishop.  It gave 329 ways a writer could become a great writer.  Being a perfectionist who likes to […]

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A Bibliophile I am Not

I have never professed nor aspired to be a bibliophile. That’s the husband’s avocation, as our library will attest to.  Except for a period of time where my only reading materials outside of school was Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and with a few notable exceptions, I have always been a modern fiction reader.  I blame it on school’s incessant need to dissect and eke a learning experience out of anything.  […]

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Finished a new scene tonight

I was going to go to bed early tonight, but the writing bug hit and I couldn’t let inspiration pass.  Whether the inspiration was good or bad remains to be seen–it’s good enough to call it a rough draft and move on to the next scene. What I’m not sure of, is how well the ending works.  Here’s the tail end of a confrontation.  The heroine is exhausted, drained, dizzy, […]

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