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The Joy of Cats

As I sit here typing, one of the cats is on the desk napping with his eyes open so he can watch over me, and the other one is lying a few feet away sprawled out as if she were a frog on a dissection table.  (Hey, it’s not a gruesome image if there’s no actual dissecting) Anyway, this is an average night.  The cats tend to rotate who gets […]

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I measured the cat tonight

In my last post, I said I somehow forgot to click “Publish” to post my blog entry. That was true.  Because I am trying to post every day, it irked me that I wasn’t going to get credit for posting yesterday when I went through the effort of writing it, so I decided to see if I could backdate the post.  It worked.  Yea! Therefore, since my last post said […]

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Bonding with Cats

I have always loved cats. Dogs are okay, and I like them fine, but I have a special affinity for cats.  Since I was a kid, even walking down the street, I would see a cat and naturally call and put my hand down to give them a pet; 80% of the time, even a stranger cat would approach and allow me to pet it. Growing up, when a new […]

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