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I measured the cat tonight

In my last post, I said I somehow forgot to click “Publish” to post my blog entry. That was true.  Because I am trying to post every day, it irked me that I wasn’t going to get credit for posting yesterday when I went through the effort of writing it, so I decided to see if I could backdate the post.  It worked.  Yea!

Therefore, since my last post said you were going to get two posts today, here you go.

Oh.  Yes.  I measured Luna tonight.  Used a ruler and everything.  She was sprawled across the front of my desk, soaking in the warmth from my laptop, her tail alternating between curling around the mouse and covering the keyboard while I’m typing.

From her grumbling when I used a plastic ruler to measure her, I assume I interrupted something cool with my human silliness.  However, all stretched out, she was three ruler lengths, or 36″ long.  And she’s only a teenager in Ragdoll cat growth years.

You heard it here first.


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