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So I’m Intrigued…

Today, Apple released information on the new version of IPad. I have to admit, I’m very intrigued. I just might have to assert my consumerism and get one.

One of the things I’m intrigued with is, the software program I’m using integrates with a software app on IPhone and IPad.  The IPhone keys are too small, but the IPad might just be the ticket to capture writing ideas and import them directly into my writing app.  Or, I could port a scene over and work on it during the lunch I should be taking daily.

So, that’s what on my mind today.  (other than the book)

Happy writing.

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  1. Haven’t seen all the details on the iPad2, but I do like the dual camera feature. Having used my friend’s iPad, I can attest that the keyboard is MUCH better! You could easily use it for writing at the lunch that you will start taking 🙂

    Also, Le said she’d downloaded some apps that allow her to create docs and then send them wirelessly to the house printer — that’s pretty cool.

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