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Is Your Novel a Big Bag of Potato Chips?

Happy pre-Friday, everyone.  Continuing in yesterday’s vein, there’s a lot to be said about how to make sense of the inner journey.  I know I struggle with it–not because I don’t understand the concept, but because delving into deep, dark emotion and exposing those gaping raw wounds we all hide within ourselves is not something I do.  Sure, I examine my feelings.  I try to make sense of them in the context of my life.  But expose them?  That’s incredibly difficult.

So it pays for me to keep coming back to the lesson of the character’s inner journey.  And since I’m hoping I’m not the only one in the world who struggles with this, I’d like to share another blogpost from Donald Maass.

In his post, Donald uses the metaphor of eating a big bag of chips to the sense of fulfillment you feel (or don’t) when you’re reading a book.  Imagine you just spent hours eating the monstrously large bag of chips.  Do you think you’ll be saying,

“Oh, what a wonderfully fulfilling, transforming experience!  I feel such satisfaction, I must immediately go eat another bag of chips.”

I think not.  It’s more likely you’ll feel a bit sick to your stomach, unsatisfied…and let’s get real–who wouldn’t be kicking themselves a little?  Or a lot?

How often have you read a book and experienced those same feelings?

Want to know why?

Read Donald Maass’ blog.

Writer Unboxed » Chips and Meaning.

Happy writing.

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  1. I have all of his writing related books. You can’t beat him for writing advice.

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