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Novel Update: Great Writing Day

For those who are following the progress of my novel, today was a great day.  Great days of writing have been few and far between lately.  After a frustrating weekend, I finally hit a groove, completing an entire scene.  This brings my total word count up to 107,500 words.

Here’s a brief excerpt from today’s draft:

“So, have you kept up your training since?”

“Of course.  It’s great exercise.”

“Show me,” he said, a dare in his tone.

A dozen feet ahead was a clearing where a gap existed between the treetops to let light flow through.  Were the moon not obscured by dark clouds, the area would have been bathed with bright moonlight.  Instead, there was a pale, sickly glow—just enough to see the area was clear save for a picnic table off to one side.

Sam tied one end of the beagle’s lead to a table beam, then lengthened the lead so he could roam around the area.  Then, stepping into the center of the pale ring of light, she gestured to Gus.  “Join me.”

Gus grinned.  “Let’s see what you’ve got, baby.”

After a formal bow, she put her body through the familiar opening motions, her limbs moving seamlessly into more and more complicated ones.  Beside her, she felt more than saw her brother doing the same thing—different stances, with movements as sleek as the swaying of a cobra mesmerizing its prey before a strike.

She was just getting into it when the storm hit, crashing through the trees, the wind whipping around them.  From above, bright bolts of lightning pierced the sky, followed almost immediately by a deafening crack of thunder, similar to the sound a jet makes when it cracks the sound barrier, but infinitely more real.  The energy of nature’s fury was intoxicating, filling up all the empty places within her.  This was what she had needed.  Where before exhaustion had ruled, now she felt as if she could move like this forever, her heart and head clearer than she remembered them being in a long time.

How long had it been since had done her katas?  Was this why her focus had been off?  Why she hadn’t seen what was coming?

Happy writing.

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