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Guess What?

Guess what? After days and days and days and days of Nature trying to drown the Earth, I woke up today and it wasn’t raining.

How cool is that?

It rained later, of course (this is Oregon, after all), but it was nice reprieve while it lasted.

So, about today…it didn’t totally suck.  I’m not sure why I think that.  The morning started out rough (migraine), which lasted most of the day.  Since I wasn’t seeing spots, I went to the day job, where in addition to the usual miscellanea, I had to prep and gather materials for three large meetings, research several issues, consult with peers, meet with my staff to give out assignments, figure out how to get reports out of a new electronic system, etc. etc.  I was so busy I didn’t have time for lunch, but still I felt strangely good as I was driving home to be with the husband.

So here’s to today not sucking.  I’m going to go write now.

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