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Looking for Inspiration…

Today, I’m looking for inspiration. It has been a tough week already; hectic, stressful days trying to juggle multiple priorities all due at once. People think I’m a miracle worker. Really, I’m just stubborn enough to refuse to let the job beat me. So I power through to get things done.

It takes its toll, though.  By the time I leave the office, drive home in the dark and sluicing rain, climb up the stairs into the house, and then set my purse and coat down, I’ve just about had all I can take.  Then there’s making dinner, eating it, and the won’t-be-missed part of the day, spending time with the husband.  He’s the reason I come home at night.

So after all of that, the cats and I climb the stairs to my office at the top of the house, and I boot up my writing software to work on my novel.  And guess what?

I got nothing.

So that’s where I am tonight.  I would welcome ideas from any other writers who work demanding day jobs, to see what they do to keep the creative juices flowing into the night.  Anyone?

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