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You know you’re tired when…

You know you’re tired when:

  1. You get up long enough to go downstairs, then immediately settle into the rocking chair with a blanket to rest and watch movies because you can’t figure out what to eat for breakfast.
  2. Morning turns to afternoon without you noticing.
  3. Just to prove you can, you get up and move to the recliner.
  4. You decide you’re cold, but sit there freezing because the blanket is back on the other chair and you’re too tired to go get it.
  5. After your husband goes to the effort to give you a blanket, you realize one was sitting next to you all along.
  6. You start one movie, blink, and suddenly it’s another movie and the clock has mysterious shifted in time.
  7. You keep watching the same channel even though the movie is stupid, because the remote is over by your original blanket.
  8. Your husband asks you what’s for dinner and you wave at the refrigerator and tell him whatever he can find, he can eat.

Okay, so I might have been a wee bit tired today.

On a positive note:

  1. When I complained of being cold, the husband got me a blanket and covered me up (okay, threw it at me), even though he had to have seen the one sitting next to me.
  2. When the remote was too far away, he changed the channel for me to a movie I actually liked.
  3. After rooting through the refrigerator, the husband found some steak.  He sauteed up some onions, sliced the steak real thin, and we had steak sandwiches on hoagie rolls.  Yum!

Stuff like this is one of the many reasons why I love this man.

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