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Ready to Dive In

Today I decided I’m ready to take what I’ve been learning here in silencing my internal editor, and apply it to writing my novel. It’s time to dive deep, catch up with my characters, and take them on a tour through the swirling depths to see what’s on the other side.

Time to finish what I started.

In my former life, I worked with a writer’s group who helped me to hone my skills, gave me access to an initial audience to judge what did and didn’t work, and gave me exposure to other people’s writing.  It was a wonderful learning experience, and it also forced me to produce (for some reason the group didn’t want to read the same chapter over and over again – go figure).  I’ve had thoughts of starting a small one here in Portland, but have put it off until I knew I could produce.

So tell me, are there any fellow writers out there?  Fiction, non-fiction, plays, short stories, graphic novels.  The more eclectic, the better, as it would broaden all of our insights.  I’m looking for 3-4 people who might want to get together once a month initially for a fun working session to read each other’s work aloud and give the author some initial feedback.  The formula I use for structuring a writer’s group works to encourage and motivate.

So, dear friends…anyone else out there wanting some positive reinforcement and willing to take the plunge with me?

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  1. Why say…. I’m a writer, and by complete coincidence, I also live in Portland. I am a four star champion procrastinator though – so the only things I can be sure of producing on a regular basis are excuses. With that apology in place – I’m totally game.

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