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Living with the Monster Cats

Obi and Luna at 6 months

Obi and Luna, 6 mos.

If you don’t know me personally, you might as well learn I have a pair of Ragdoll cats. The kids are grown, I have cats.  If I weren’t married, I might have more than two.

When I got my babies, I envisioned this wonderful scene with me working at my computer, one cat curled on the desk, the other draped across my shoulders. What I didn’t factor in was that Ragdolls get big.  In September, Luna was almost 14 pounds, and Obi, her brother, was almost 12 pounds.  Sprawled out, each of them are three feet of cat.  And they have 18 more months to grow.

Neither of them like shoulder-sitting.  Both like to be on the desk.  They don’t fit in the cat beds on the desk anymore, which is fine by them as they make great pillows when they stretch out.  Usually they take turns being close to me, but every once in a while, I have a desktop of cats with a laptop wedged between them, and me trying to type on the keys over the top of someone’s torso.

The husband laughs at this, because getting the cats was not his idea (although getting Ragdolls was).

Obi on his petting chair

Obi on his petting chair

They do have their moments, though.  My office (their nightly bedroom) is at the top of the house.  When I let them out in the morning, Luna likes to escort me down the stairs.  If I stop, she stops.  Obi likes to wait upstairs until we’re almost down to the ground floor, then streak down the stairs, jump over Luna’s head to skip the last half-flight, and dash over to his petting chair.  Yes, he has a petting chair.

Luna’s favorite sleep position is flat on her back and spread-eagled.  And man, can she relax.  Obi’s favorite sleep position is in a clothes basket that he fell in love with as a kitten, or in his cat carrier.  He likes being surrounded by bars, I guess.

Luna, 11 months

Luna, 11 months

At night they follow me back up the stairs, where they take turns napping on the desk and chasing each other around until bedtime, when apparently it’s a rule that I must find and carry at least one of them to bed.

Overindulgent?  Yep, that’s me.  But what can I say?  They are cute, snuggly in their own unique ways, and exactly what I wanted.

“””””””””””””””””””””””  (that was Obi saying “hi”)

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  1. Beautiful cats!

  2. Wow! They have really grown since the last pics I saw. And OMG are they ever beautiful!

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