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Update about my Feline Minions

I recently changed the position of my desk in the office so that it is up against the wall facing my 5-foot-wide window.  It was partly a defensive move. I have a lot of work to do in the coming couple of months, and I want to be able to use my desk to do it, which means giving the cats another option for sitting or sprawling, within direct view and touching distance to me.  (Their criteria.  Not mine.)

On the whole, this has been a good decision.  Obiwan loves balancing on the 8-inch-deep mantle and even takes many naps there, his head scrunched up against the wall, his feet dangling over the edge.  In pity, I put a pile of books on the desk where his front paws dangle, so they have something to rest against.  It looks like the most uncomfortable position in the world, but other than being at the top of the cat tree, it’s one of his favorite places.

Luna is another story.  She has taken the move to mean she gets the WHOLE desk, and that its purpose is a petting table.  I know this because she takes up all available space on the desk, wrapping herself around my laptop backwards, her huge curling fluffy tail obscuring the keyboard and screen as she stares at me in expectation.  And oh by the way, she’s a desk hog, not above pushing my laptop out of her way.  I do push back; I’m mom, and I have some rights.  And yes, I usually cannot resist giving her a scratch behind the ears.

I’ve never had a cat that so wanted to be with me that they followed me everywhere.  When we get up in the morning, my minions walk me down the stairs.  They try to anticipate where I might be going, and either lead me there or rush ahead to beat me there.  If I sit down, they take turns jumping onto my chest for snuggle time (Obi is better at it; Luna doesn’t understand that her hind end is not my favorite part of the kitty.)  If I get up to go to another room, I have two cats either preceding or following me.  And thus it goes….

Luna has outpaced Obi in size now, and uses it against him to get her way.  But they’re not done growing yet, so Obi could still catch up.

It looks like the cats have gone down for their nap, which makes for some uninterrupted writing time.  I’m outta here.

Happy writing.

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  1. That is hilarious! Fortunately, my feline companion prefers to be near, but outside of touching range, so I still have my desk to myself. Good luck – sounds like you need it.

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