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Weird But True

It’s official. Well, not official, but empirical observation leads me to believe my theory was right.

What theory, you ask?

For those of you who know me, you know that I’ve had knee pain and trouble walking for the past three years.  For two plus years, I’ve been walking with a cane, but walking distances was incredibly painful in the doing and if I did too much, I paid for it for days afterward.  I originally injured my knee when I was balancing between two chairs on linoleum trying to paint a ceiling in the kitchen, and the chairs slid apart, causing me to lose my balance and do a number on my knee.  Since then there has been daily pain and decreasing mobility.  It’s agony to even lay in bed.

This past weekend, I was trying to balance on a stool when it got out from under me and I fell, striking my bad knee and the good one.  (I know.  I should never be allowed to step off the ground.)  Childbirth was not as bad as the pain the followed.  I managed to make it over to the rocking chair to ride out the wave.  After a while, though, I started noticing something: my knee and leg didn’t hurt when I was sitting, except at the site where I fell.  I could get up easier, with better balance.  And when I started walking around, it almost seemed like it was easier.  I had a suspicion that somehow my knee was better, but I couldn’t be sure.  It seemed highly improbably for this to be the result, when I’ve spent the past two years doing daily physical therapy with no result.

In any case, I decided to pay attention.

Today, I not only walked from my car into the office, carrying a load, without needing my cane, but walked all over the building for most of the day without an assist.  There’s some pain while walking, but not as much until the end of the day and I get tired.  And even better–no more knee pain when I’m sitting or driving the car.

I know it seems really weird.  But it’s true.  It’s the damnedest thing, but I’m not about to complain.

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  1. Sweet! Maybe whatever you knocked out of whack originally got knocked back into place the second time? Whatever the case, yay!

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