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Daily Writing Tease…

Here’s your daily tease:

SAM AWOKE on a lumpy surface and opened her eyes to find herself lying on a pile of musty clothes scattered on a concrete floor surrounded by boxes and what looked like a rack of black and latex Goth gear.  For a second, panic swelled through her, but she forced herself to be still until she could get her bearings.  She had been outside the club when everything went black.  Had they caught her?  What the hell did they want with her, anyway?  There was no way anyone could have recognized her through Eddie Marvel’s disguise.  Did she fit some kind of profile?

A glass with clear liquid appeared in front of her, held by a male hand.  “Drink this.”

She followed the hand back to its body, taking in the sight of an emaciated Eddie Marvel, looking as skeletal and creepy as before.  But she had never been happier to see someone in her life.

Scooting up onto her elbows, she noticed that she was lying there in her black bra and panties.  “How did I get here? And where the hell are my clothes?”

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  1. Mmm…what happens next???? huh, huh?

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