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2011, Here I Come…

Welcome to 2011. We had a quiet New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day here.  Had some good food.  Watched a movie.  Today I started working on the second of my new year’s resolutions, which I’m determined I will be successful at.  I’m not saying any more than that yet.

I’ve been reading a number of blogs lately, and toward the end of the year, they characteristically take a look back at the year.  I want to buck that tradition.  It’s a brand new year, and I want to focus on this year–the plans, opportunities and challenges ahead.

In no particular order, this year I plan to:

  • Finish my novel
  • Improve my overall health
  • Start a writer’s group
  • Laugh every day
  • Write something every day
  • Learn new things to add to my technical skillset (already learned how to track word count in Scrivener, my writing software)
  • Walk on the beach with the husband

So, that’s my starting list.  What’s yours?

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  1. Well…here are the ones I jotted down the other day — note the lack of specificity 🙂

    1) Journal more — attempt to write SOMETHING every day (for today, this is it!)
    2) Do 3 things to improve my health
    3) Make, save and have more $
    4) finish the 1st draft of my novel by the end of the year
    5) quit smoking SOMETIME in 2011. It might be 12/31/11, but I’ll give it a go…

    and a new one to add to the list…

    6) join a writer’s group this year


    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, but do hurry back!

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