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Writing Update – Day 1 of 12

Today was a productive day. I found a timeline hole and filled it in, and fixed a character plot issue.  I’m to the point where new content will supersede what people have already read.  Here’s a brief taste:

THE TRIP out the day before had been uneventful.  She drove around town for a while, renewing her acquaintance with Portland through the windows of the car until the soft hiss of artic air spewing from the rental car’s air conditioner forced her to open the windows to avoid frostbite.  Bill immediately stood his front paws on the armrest and stuck his head out the window, where his ears flapped and the wind distorted his jowls into a joker-like grin.  After a while, Sam pulled into a large pet supply store and got some essentials.  She was surprised at how many dogs were in the store, but afterward she noticed people out with their dogs everywhere—sitting at sidewalk tables of restaurants and bars, window shopping, and going in and out of some stores.  All in all, a nice break, allowing her to return home later able to spend a few hours sitting with her dad while watching a series of episodes from his favorite miniseries, Band of Brothers.

Con stayed away for the day, and so did everyone else, so it was just her and her dad.  Except for the fact he lie in a hospital bed with an IV in his arm and a breathing tube up his nose, it felt almost normal.  A couple of times she nearly broached the subject of why she had come home, but it never seemed to be the right moment.  She chided herself later for even thinking of mentioning anything.  What could he do about anything anymore?  He had his own issues to deal with.  He couldn’t afford to be distracted by other worries.

It’s amazing to observe the lengths to which someone will go to avoid dealing with tough issues.

Time to get a few hours of sleep so I’m ready for Day 2.

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  1. I like very much — and you’re right — the lengths some will go to! 🙂

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