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Guess Who Hit Creative Pay Dirt Today?

Idea BulbOne of my most creative times during the day is in the morning, halfway between sleep and wakefulness and up through showering, when the challenges of the day haven’t had time to seep into your consciousness.  I love those times.  I take pains to nurture them, setting the alarm earlier than necessary just so I have the time to think and plan, as these precious minutes in the morning are the prime times for me to brainstorm creative solution to problems that have been bugging me.

Today was even better than that.

As I lie in bed this a.m., allowing my mind to wander, a story idea burst upon me in full bloom. Within an hour, I had ideas for potential characters, conflicts, setbacks, etc. And all day long I’ve been adding to it as new ideas pop into my head.  I haven’t felt this jazzed in a long time.

Will this be my next writing project, instead of the one I have been planning?

You know what? It just might.

Am I going to tell you what the idea is?

Nope.  Not until the thing is written.

For now, we’ll call it the Super Secret Project.  And while I won’t give you any of the details, I will keep you updated about my progress, and any learnings I have along the way.

So stay tuned, dear friends.

Until next time, happy writing!

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  1. So…this secrecy does NOT extend to your writing group partners, does it? *angelic grin*

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