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Yes, I’m still alive…

Dear family, friends, readers, and fellow writers —

I know I have been a ghost on here for a while, and it probably seems like I’ve dropped off the earth.  The truth is I’m expending all my energy outside of the day job trying to complete the rewrite of my novel to get it to a place where I feel justified sending it to the agents who requested it.  Chapters 1-3 are in shape, and I’ve moved beyond that point, but one of them requested the entire manuscript, so I want to be closer to saying “done!” before I sent out the first three.

I’m working to a deadline of October 3, which is looming up faster than I am comfortable with.

In looking back at my last number of posts, it feels like I’m always apologizing and saying I intend to do better.  Well, no more apologies.  My blog will have to wait until I’m able to announce I’m done.

As a reward for those who come back, I’ll be posting the opening scene of the book, for your reading pleasure.

So, enjoy the last few weeks of September, and come back to see me mid-October! If you want a reminder email to come back when I make my next post, then subscribe to my blog.  It’s free, painless, and all you have to provide is your name and email address (which I don’t share with anyone).

Thanks, and happy writing.

—  Cynthia

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  1. Yeah for you!

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