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A New Direction

I can’t seem to keep up anymore.  Been working offline for the most part, which is a good thing for the book.  And speaking about my book, I’ve changed direction a bit.

In the course of preparing my pitch materials, I had an epiphany about the book that is taking it in an exciting direction.  While I feel the book is good enough to pitch right now, following this new direction will make it an even better book, and I owe it to myself to give it a shot.  So, I won’t be pitching to agents next weekend after all.

There is a writing book involved that helped with with my epiphany: Story Engineering, by Larry Brooks.  I’ve seen him present a number of times.  He’s down to earth, engaging, and his ideas are solid.

So, wish me luck as I weave my words into a different pattern.  I can hardly wait to see the result!

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  1. Such a fascinating process. Good luck!

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