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Master Class: Finding and Telling a Compelling Story

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (video...

Tonight’s post is courtesy of the husband, who sent me a link to a video review of Star Wars Episode I, which we all know has been panned by nearly everyone. He told me it would be worth watching. He was right.

I don’t tend to watch video reviews, as I often find them annoying — especially if they are trashing a movie I happened to like in spite of its flaws.  So I wasn’t looking forward to this one. Rather than spend ten minutes trashing the movie, the gentleman in the video tells us how a few choice modifications to the story would have elevated it to a compelling film that would have had audiences cheering, just like they did when Luke Skywalker hit the movie theaters.  All while using essentially the same film sequences.

This review dramatically shows not only how an opportunity was missed to create lightning in a bottle twice with the Star Wars prequel trilogy, but is a master class in what all writers should be doing with their own stories.

Watch and see what you think, then comment below.

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